Packaging with Purpose

We’re committed to 100% of our packaging having sustainable impact by 2025.

At Ocean Spray, packaging with purpose means reducing, reusing, recycling and sustainably sourcing resources throughout the lifecycle of our products.

Positive Packaging

We’re creating packaging with a sustainable impact. Ocean Spray has a team dedicated to ensuring that 100% of our packaging is recyclable, reusable, compostable or biodegradable. The team continues to reduce the overall amount of material used, increase recycled content, and sustainably source packaging materials.

Here are some ways we have started to improve our packaging footprint:

  • 96% of our existing packaging by weight is already recyclable, including most of our plastic, paper, and metal products.
  • We source paper and cardboard packaging with recycled content sources and/or from certified, sustainably managed forests.
  • We recently redesigned our 25-pound dried cranberry boxes, which saved reduced forest fiber use by 22%, truckload emissions by 13%, plastic film packaging use by 34%, and wooden pallets use by 5%.

Packaging Partnerships

We are also an active How2Recycle® member and we’re applying How2Recycle® improved recycling labels on product. Additionally, Ocean Spray is also a member of The Sustainable Packaging Coalition and The Sustainability Consortium. Through all our teams and partnerships, we seek to track progress, reduce waste, increase recycling, and reduce our packaging carbon footprint globally.